Current Board

Augusto Rodriguez, President

Augusto “Auggie” Rodriguez (he/him) has been a Board Member at Large with BQAC since January 2020 and recently was nominated as Vice President in 2021. Auggie by day is a Customer Service Representative. He is a firm believer in bringing diversity and inclusion and representation within the Bi+ Community being Latinx himself (Puerto Rican, Cuban and Spaniard). When he is not working, Auggie spends his time creating content under his production company AR FILMS CHICAGO (who produced our 10 year anniversary documentary in 2020), building with LEGO, and watching DVD special features.

Hugo Escobar, Vice-President

Hugo Escobar (He/They) is from Guatemala and got his start with BQAC by volunteering and hosting our Bi Movie Nights monthly and adding structure by discussing each film we present and how it relates to the viewer’s life and identity. He joins the board as Vice President in 2022. Hugo has a degree in Education/Spanish Studies. He was an Executive Committee member of Anti-Defamation League (St. Louis). They are also a faculty member of The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) in the St. Louis Region. In his free time, they love nature walks, interior design, and has a huge appreciation for art.

Asheer Ashraf, Treasurer

Asheer Ashraf (he/him) is a new resident to Chicago and works as a Salesforce Developer. He believes in learning and growing so that he can better serve others. He is into fitness, technology, history, psychology, nature and reading. As someone who had to overcome past sexual traumas and strong religious cultural dogmas, he hopes to inspire and support others in their bisexual journey. 

Mikey Oboza, Secretary

Mikey Oboza confronted “Every nonprofit has to have a need. And since there’s no bisexuals, we don’t need a Bi program,” a form of Bisexual Erasure became the first Bi liaison at Center on Halsted 2009 then original visionary of BQAC in 2010 and then Secretary of BQAC 2022. He has received a Michael Page award 2011 from The Marin Foundation, Bisexual Program Volunteer 2012 from Center on Halsted and Chicago Bisexual Person of the Year 2013 from StonewallAgain.

Greg Newton, Director

Greg joined the board in 2022 and has been involved with BQAC since September 2021. “While trying to understand myself, I hope to help others understand Bisexuals,” He said. His other passion is helping the food and home insecure community by partnering with the Chicago Bridge Project. Their services provide food, clothing and shelter opportunities for those lacking these resources in the Chicagoland area.

T H Johnson, Director

T H Johnson (he/him) joined the board in January 2020 and brings a wealth of experience gained from coast to coast and trips to Europe ranging from two weeks to six months at a time. He’s worked in all aspects of business and organizational management, including human resources; training and professional development; operations; logistics; public relations; budget management; and strategic planning. In 2005, he moved to the Chicago area for a one-year temporary job as a government contractor, which was subsequently defunded six years later when the President and Congress couldn’t agree on the budget. He currently works full time as a ride-share driver. He makes his home in Waukegan and enjoys getting out to the lakes area as much as possible. He is an avid music enthusiast, and enjoys live theatre as much as possible. T H describes himself as “polyamorous before we knew that was what we were” and would like to organize some group events in Lake County.

Scott, Director

Scott (he/him) has lived in Chicago for more than 20 years and has been active with issues including social justice, healthcare access, wellness, and spirituality. As a learner himself, he is interested in encouraging others to understand and celebrate the components of their unique journeys.  He hopes to research and share information which might enhance the wellness of other queer and bisexual men and better their relationships with others and themselves.